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Related projects (A-Z)

Other ongoing projects

INEDIT (sister project)
Open innovation ecosystems for do it together (DIT) process
> inedit-project.eu/

Building the digital infrastructure for Fab Cities
> interfacerproject.eu

iProduce (sister project)
Social manufacturing platform for open innovation and co-creation
> iproduce-project.eu

Open Know-How community
Setting of new standards for open source innovation
> openknowhow.org

Creating a sustainable economy through the commons
> cosmolocalism.eu

Distributed Design Market Platform
> distributeddesign.eu

Open-source based capability building in latecomer firms
> unepdtu.org

Circular economy business models
> reflowproject.eu

The Open Hardware Observatory (OHO)
P2P evaluation platform for innovative and sustainable open source hardware
> oho.wiki

The Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI2)
Community-based development of medical imaging devices
> opensourceimaging.org

Predecessor projects

Methods and tools for community-based product development
> opensourcedesign.cc

Toolkit to create open source business models
> remodel.dk

Open source hardware in healthcare
> careables.org

Platforms for maker communities
> make-it.io

Making Sense
Open source approach for local communities
> making-sense.eu

> iit.tu-berlin.de


Made with CC

What is an open source license and what alternatives does open source practices offer companies and organisations? 

In the book “Made with Creative Commons”, Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson dive into how we share resources and why it isn’t working – and present several examples of companies and organisations that have successfully made revenue using open-source principles.

The full book can be found here. Of course, it’s open source, so that you yourself can reuse, remix, and share it however you want.