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Between 2019 and 2022, partners from OPENNEXT are touring Europe to expand the horizon for Open Source Hardware.

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Open for submissions at all times

Call for papers: Design Science Journal - Open Design and Open Source Hardware Product Development

The thematic collection ‘Call for papers’ aims at stimulating research in the domain and creating a forum for debating on this emerging and very vibrant phenomenon. High quality scientific contributions are required to set up the knowledge baseline of open source hardware design an contribute to its development and democratization.

Please note that the call for papers is a continuous call that will be ongoing beyond the deadline.

30 September 2022, Berlin, DE

Open Tech Summit 2022

Join us for our final public event at TU Berlin about the resulting diversity in Open Hardware with presentations, talks, developer meetings of citizen science projects and a mobile podcast around open source hardware topics such as the pocket lab PSLab, sensory experiments, makerspaces and biolabs, sustainability and longevity of products.

15 September 2022, Copenhagen, DK

Navigating the Business Potential of Open-Source Hardware

How do you get started with open-source? Christian Thams, Project Lead on at the Danish Design Center (DDC), invites you to Copenhagen this September to find out.

9 September, 2022, Amsterdam, NL

From black box to open box

Waag and Mekanika are joining forces for a public program around open source hardware. Join for a festive evening of panel discussions around open design and hardware creation.

29 June 2022, Berlin, DE

OPEN!NEXT Demonstrator Day

About the Open Future of Product Creation

Join us on this special day at TU Berlin as we demonstrate the projects and products developed, ranging from autonomous vehicles to a pocket-size science lab. Take part in a lively discussion together with a rich panel of engineers, researchers, makers, designers, entrepreneurs and open-minded human beings. Learn how far we’ve come – and where OSH is headed next.

22 June, 2022, Nancy, FR

EU projects round table & projects demonstrator

Join us for the presentation and round table of five European projects (DIY4U, iProduce, INEDIT, OPEN!NEXT, Climate Labs) on their results, perspectives and focus. This is followed by the EU projects Demonstrator at Octroi Nancy (innovative design factory) where OPEN!NEXT will contribute with the exhibition of our two pilot cases (Fiction Factory, Open Tech), two demonstrator cases (Mekanika, SpreeBerlin) and the TU Berlin project case of the Leezenflow.

8 November, 2021, Amsterdam, NL

The Shared Future of Open Source Hardware

On November 8th, the OPENNEXT consortium gathered IRL to invite SMEs, makerspaces and journalists for a deep-dive into open-source hardware. 

  • Professor Peter Troxler gave a keynote presentation on the importance and challenges of community in the context of an open source hardware business 
  • Sustainability Manager at design business Ficiton Factory, Marije Remigius, presented their journey with OSH and their entirely new CNC mill wood waste toolkit. 

Finally, our panel of makers, SMEs and OS experts discussed the potential of open-source hardware creation and dived into the big question: What would an open source future look like, and how do we get there?

22 April 2021, webinar

Open innovation for collaborative production engineering

Join us and our three sister projects on the path to open innovation!

The four projects funded under the H2020 topic that give name to this event come together for a collaborative workshop to showcase the projects and discuss how to foster open innovation and collaboration in the design, engineering and development of products.

14 January 2021 to 11 March 2021, webinar series

Open Hardware Future Talks

Come join us for five online events about the potentials and benefits of open hardware product development

We are excited to invite practitioners, experts, interested citizens and civil society organizations to an exciting new series of online events, starting January 14th.

In the so-called “Open Hardware Future Talks” series, we will share some of the insights, we have gained from working on this project the past 18 months and address key questions like: What are the possibilities of Open Source Hardware – and what are the challenges? How do you convert a business to Open Source? What have we learned about revenue streams in the OPENNEXT project? And how do you create a community?

The dates and themes are:

  • January 14th: Kick-off event – what are the perspectives of Open hardware production?
  • January 28th: Sodaq + WAAG and OpnTec + FabLab Berlin – on the theme of consumer electronics
  • February 11th: Fiction Factory + WAAG and Stykka + Maker – on the theme of build-to-order-furniture
  • February 25th: Sono Motors + FabLab Berlin and XYZ Cargo + Maker – on the theme of open mobility
  • March 11th: Future Scenario of impact

5-6 March 2020, Grenoble, FR

First international workshop on OSH

After the tremendous success of open source software, today, open source hardware is becoming an important topic both for industry and academia. However, OSH is still understudied.

This workshop will gather stakeholders that are making research, or practitioners that are looking for some understanding of what’s happening in OSH to join and share the piece of knowledge they have.

3-5 February 2020, Bath, UK

Open Source Hardware from Academia

Open access publishing, open data, and open source software are becoming the norm in academia. Is open hardware next?

The workshop will gather academics of different stages together idea-exchanging and exploring the challenges that can be faced when making open hardware.

Come learn how to identify barriers while making university-designed hardware open source and how to make steps towards forming collaborations to address issues.