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From 2019 to 2022 we will host or support several events about Open Source Hardware all over Europe.


30 November 2020

Call for papers:
Open Design and Open Source Hardware Product Development

The thematic collection ‘Call for papers’ aims at stimulating research in the domain and creating a forum for debating on this emerging and very vibrant phenomenon. High quality scientific contributions are required to set up the knowledge baseline of open source hardware design an contribute to its development and democratization.

Deadline for registration is 30 November 2020.

Earlier events

5-6 March 2020, Grenoble, France

First international workshop on OSH

After the tremendous success of open source software, today, open source hardware is becoming an important topic both for industry and academia. However, OSH is still understudied.

This workshop will gather stakeholders that are making research, or practitioners that are looking for some understanding of what’s happening in OSH to join and share the piece of knowledge they have.

Registration fees: 115 €

13 March 2020, New York City

2020 Open Hardware Summit

The Open Hardware Summit is the annual conference organized by the Open Source Hardware Association a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity.

It is the world’s first comprehensive conference on open hardware; a venue and community in which we discuss and draw attention to the rapidly growing Open Source Hardware movement.

Registration fee: $30 – $190

21 May 2020, Berlin, Germany

Open Tech Summit Europe

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Registration fee: [missing]

3-5 February 2020, Bath, England

Open Source Hardware from Academia

Open access publishing, open data, and open source software are becoming the norm in academia. Is open hardware next?

The workshop will gather academics of different stages together idea-exchanging and exploring the challenges that can be faced when making open hardware.

Come learn how to identify barriers while making university-designed hardware open source and how to make steps towards forming collaborations to address issues.