What if...

    … Hardware manufacturers could streamline their innovation processes together with their customers, consumers and makers?
    … Prototype faster, at lower costs and with fewer risks?
    … Tap into a global mind-hive of knowledge, skills and expertise?

    OPEN!NEXT is looking to fundamentally change how we manufacture products using the power of open source.


    What we've seen...

    In today’s market, going from an idea to patented product is a slow, expensive and often unsustainable process. Simultaneously, we continue to rely on fragile and rigid supply chains that can break at any time.

    The global pandemic highlighted the urgency of these issues. As we’re waiting for ships to dock, businesses are in a bidding-war for supplies. And whilst we wait for patent lawyers, we’re not moving significantly closer to solving our planetary and socioeconomic challenges. 

    If hardware manufacturers want to be part of the solution, we need to fundamentally change how we develop and distribute products.

    A promising alternative

    By opening up the design process to a community of developers and end-users, companies can gain quick access to innovation, prototyping and product testing.

    OPEN!NEXT brings together SMEs (small medium enterprises) and makerspaces across Europe to develop new products based on open source principles. In close contact with local designers and communities, we help companies go from zero to prototype and commercial roadmap with the power of open source.

    OPEN!NEXT consists of 19 project partners from seven European countries. Our expertise ranges from business and data management, to design processes, manufacturing and communication. 

    Living examples...

    How open source hardware transforms industries


    Open Source is based on the idea that intellectual resources should be free to use, redistribute and modify.

    Open source hardware is the latest adaption of open source principles. Already now, companies around the globe are showing us how openly sharing knowledge, resources and blueprints can provide concrete solutions to bigger issues, and generate revenue at the same time.

    Dive into our library of resources to learn more about our pilots, research, listen to our podcasts or check out projects similar to OPEN!NEXT.