Transforming collaborative product creation.

We are trying to create the internet of product creation.

Product creation is inaccessible to most citizens today. They have learned to accept problems such as over-engineering, redundant functions and features, or planned obsolescence as a given; and that institutions rather than individuals are in control of technical knowledge. However, the power that comes from technical knowledge is currently being radically redistributed through digital transformation. 

OPEN!NEXT is an attempt to transform how products are created, making it more accessible to work in an open source fashion for the benefits of citizens and businesses alike.

Project goals ↴


OPEN!NEXT facilitates wider adoption of open source hardware [OSH] development practices by businesses.


We will enable Fab Labs to support companies engaging with OSH to co-develop products and services with makers and their customers.


We will provide IT solutions to discover existing OSH, to asses the maturity of published OSH and to develop OSH in communities.


We will document the journeys of 18 small- and medium-sized enterprises that participate in communities to develop OSH.

Who's behind it all?

OPEN!NEXT is made up of 19 partners from seven European countries. Our areas of expertise vary: from business and data management to design processes and maker spaces.

Dive into the open (source) waters.

We’re always gathering interesting projects, tools and publications on how to work with open source production. Browse this sections if you’re ready for some long-reading and hands-on work.


Come join us IRL.

From 2019 to 2022 we will host or support several events about Open Source Hardware all over Europe.