Calling SME's:

OPENNEXT invites Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to join the upcoming open-source hardware demonstration phase.

We’ve already taken the first step with 6 SMEs to create an open ecosystem for hardware development. Now we are inviting you to join them.

Deadline: November 2021

Click below to apply.

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From idea to tested prototype

Together with you, we want to develop pioneering solutions that can manifest as long-lasting product lines with the added benefit of being open source.

We will take 12 companies from idea to tested prototype and commercial roadmap using open source hardware principles and tools.

Whether you end up with a concrete product or not is not important. What matters is the journey to get there and the findings and learnings you have along the way.

What we will provide

OPEN!NEXT is made up of 19 partners from seven European countries. Throughout your journey, we will provide tools, regular check-in sessions with experts from the OPENNEXT consortium and infrastructure to help realise your idea.

Together with a relevant practice partner you will define your goals and tailor the development process to your specific needs. 

Practice partners





Concretely, we offer...

  • A best-fit makerspace partner 

  • Regular and facilitated check-in sessions with the OPENNEXT consortium

  • An open-source toolbox with concrete offerings on business model development, revenue models in open source, community building best practice and much more.

  • ICT infrastructure to document your journey

  • Help connection with your community and direct access to a bigger community of similar SMEs, open source experts and makerspaces

  • PR and exposure

What we ask of you

Time, really. But what we truly ask of all participating SMEs is the commitment and enthusiasm to be part of something big. 

For more info, check our our FAQ page or download one of the PDFs listed below. 

Ready to dive in?

Fill out the online application via the link below, and a consortium partner will get in touch.